Services Overview

Spark Joy Bay Area is founded upon the principles of the KonMari Method, the Japanese Art of Tidying.

Offering 5 Unique Services in San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley



Ready to start but not sure what you'll need? This is a great option for your initial KonMari lesson, we will focus on your Ideal Lifestyle and begin your first category, Clothing. This lesson will inform us of the rest of your tidying journey, how much support you will want or need to complete Choosing Joy in your home.

DIY Tidy package | 5 lessons $3,125

This is a great option for those motivated to work through each KonMari Method category with one lesson per category. Estimated completion within 2 months.

Core Tidy package | 10 lessons $5,650 (10% discount)

 This is the perfect option for homes with moderate volume paired with a commitment to completing their Tidy Festival with guidance. Estimated completion within 4 months.

premium Tidy festival package | 10 lessons $10,000 (20% discount)

This premium package is for those searching for complete guidance and support through every category of the KonMari Method with lessons for each subcategory within the method. Estimated completion within 6 months.


speaking and Workshops

Interested in working with Jane? Bring the magic of the KonMari Method™ to your in-store workshops, community building events, corporate health and wellness events, and all other related groups with Jane’s unique workshop. Included is an in-depth explanation of the method with live technique demonstrations. Pricing dependent on the scope of work, contact Jane to plan your next program speaker.


Need Some Extra Help?


Virtual Tidying Session | 1 hr ($125)

Have your tidying questions answered with virtual sessions online. Available only for those who have completed the KonMari Method on their own and need additional assistance tidying.

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Follow-Up Tidying session | 1 hr ($125)

Completed your tidying session and need a touch up? Returning clients  of Spark Joy Bay Area can purchase  in-home hourly sessions when in need of additional tidying or organization assistance. 


Gift Certificates | 3 hrs ($300)

Spark Joy for any occasion by giving your loved one the gift of a Tidying Session. Perfect for your spouse, neighbors, friends, and/or family who are ready to Choose Joy. Gift Certificates are 3 hours at $300. Those interested in continuing sessions are welcome to book my regular in-home tidying sessions.

For gift certificates, please redeem by contacting me directly.


KonMari Six Rules of Tidying:


Commit yourself to tidying up,

Imagine your ideal lifestyle,

Finish discarding first,

Tidy by category, not by location,

Follow the right order,

Ask yourself if it sparks joy.