Jane Marie Grodem



I am a Silicon Valley Professional and founder of Spark Joy Bay Area, committed to supporting and guiding you through your journey of tidying and organization. Being a mom and juggling kids, my career and household, I understand the need for organization and peace at home.

Creating order was something that came naturally to me as a child.  Being the middle child and only girl in my household, I was the pleaser in the family with the gift of making things neat with little effort. Helping others to do the same has always been a great pastime. To open a door and have things all showing in their very best light is something that has always brought me joy.  

My appreciation for Japanese culture started in high school, where I had the honor of spending a year in Japan, and thus began my true appreciation of the Japanese culture. In the simplicity of the tea ceremony, the aroma of a tatami mat, the honoring of our ancestors and the beauty of a simple flower arrangement, the Japanese culture captured my heart.

I have always enjoyed the challenges of my career but when I found the "Japanese Art of Tidying", I realized that creating space for joy in others lives is a true calling.  I am proud to be the 13th certified KonMari Consultant in history, spreading the mission “Organize the World”- a world where people have tidied their homes and lead lives that Spark Joy.

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