Organizing Beauty Products the KonMari Way

Organizing Beauty Products the KonMari Way

Overflowing makeup products on your bathroom counter? Or how about skincare products tumbling over each other in your shower? 

Now that you’ve heard of Marie Kondo’s infamous tidying method through Netflix, you must be asking yourself, what category covers my skincare and beauty products? It is called Komono, and I am here to walk you through how you can utilize KonMari practices to beautifully organize and store beauty and skincare products in your bathroom. 

Just like the three categories before it, the fourth category, Komono, is based on the same KonMari principles: 

  1. Commit yourself to tidy in one go, as completely as possible, set aside sometime in your day or an evening to tackle your beauty products.

  2. Remind yourself of your ideal lifestyle, how would you like your beauty products to work for you? How do you want to feel when you enter your bathroom in the morning? Your ideal lifestyle is important at each step, but especially when we are in the smaller subcategories of Komono. 

  3. Sort by category, not by location.

  4. Ask yourself, does it #sparkjoy?

  5. Thank and discard things that no longer serve you and then Store what you have chosen to keep with confidence.

Let’s go back to the basics. Start by gathering all of your makeup and skincare belongings to consider individually (don’t forget to check your backpack and gym bags for extra products). Spread your belongings out in front of you and start to sort and group items together by category. Example categories could be (1) skincare, (2) makeup, (3) haircare, and/or (4) accessories. In this process, go through the items in each category and ask yourself “does this spark joy”?

Here are some of my recommendations for successfully organizing your clutter and finding a home for all of your belongings. 

  • Low-hanging fruit to be checked are expiration dates, especially on sunscreens and medicines. 

  • Also, know that shelf-life of cosmetics is limited so make sure not to keep old products such as mascaras and lipsticks that are past their prime.  

  • Have in mind a charity that accepts beauty products (I like to donate to a local women’s shelter) this sometimes helps you to intentionally choose what to share with others.

Once you have chosen the products that you want to keep in your daily regime, store like items together, using boxes to separate and store vertically in a drawer or medicine cupboard. I love to keep my skincare products together on one shelf, my makeup and brushes on the shelf below that, etc.

My hope for you is as you go through the Komono Subcategory of Beauty Products, you will keep in mind your current and future lifestyle. Let go of trends and products that no longer serve you and hopefully this will affect your future shopping habits, freeing up your space to ease into your days gracefully, instead of digging through your products to find the one that #sparksjoy! 

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